Essence of Zambia



Experience the untamed allure of Zambia in a 4-night safari adventure, transitioning from the eco-luxury of Ila Safari Lodge to the wild heart of Shawa Luangwa Camp. This journey immerses you in Zambia's rich wildlife tapestry, accentuated by breathtaking landscapes and authentic cultural encounters. Dive deep into Africa's soul, where each day offers a new spectacle of nature's wonders.

5 days

4 nights

Embark on a 4-night journey through Zambia's untamed wilderness, where the rhythm of nature dictates time, and every sunrise paints a new masterpiece. From the eco-conscious embrace of Ila Safari Lodge to the raw beauty of Shawa Luangwa Camp, this itinerary unveils a world where wildlife reigns supreme and authentic experiences are the gold standard. Transcend the usual tourist trails and delve into Zambia's heart, witnessing its splendours from sunrise safaris to twilight tales under the stars. This is not just a safari; it's a soulful sojourn that celebrates Africa in its purest form.


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4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners. 


4 nights deluxe accommodation.


Scheduled charter flights and airstrip transfers in air-conditioned vehicle. Safari game drives with English speaking driver guide.


Safari activities including game drives, walking safari, boating safari, ebike safari, fishing. Scheduled lodge activities at Ila Safari Lodge and Shawa Luangwa Camp. 

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