Planning your trip

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How do I start the booking process?

Our Destination Experts can make the best trip for you based on your style of travel, budget and experiences you are looking for.  It is best for them to speak with you to ensure they have all the details needed – when and for how long you want to travel, where and what experiences, and how many people are traveling, and your contact number. But if you are short on time and want the process to start you can send this information here and we will have a Destination Expert contact you.  

I have a quote, what happens next?

A quote is not confirmed until your Destination Expert is sure you are happy with the itinerary and you advise you are ready to confirm your trip. To ensure you get the best price based on the quote you need to pay a deposit of 25%, (there may be additional deposit monies for specific components of your itinerary) and this deposit needs to be paid within 5 days. 

If some components are unable to be confirmed you will be contacted and the itinerary will be altered to accommodate your preferences with what is available.  

What documentation is required to travel?

We strongly recommend that you review official travel advice provided by your government prior to making your booking and prior to departure.  


As you are responsible for correct visas, having your passport valid for long enough, any health requirements or any other regulations of countries visited or transited, you should check with the embassies or consulates of each country.  


Adventure World bears no responsibility for such information and will not be responsible for advising and/or obtaining required travel documentation for any guest, or for any delays, damages, and/or losses including missed portions of your vacation related to improper documentation or government decisions about entry.  


Please note that entry to any country may be refused even if the required information and travel documents are complete.  
Adventure World will require full passport information (full name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, issue and expiry dates) prior to final payment in order to secure bookings for many itineraries. 

When do I need to make final payment?

Final payment for your booking is due 90 days prior to your departure date. For full details please refer to our terms and conditions.  

If I pay by credit card is there a fee?

If you pay by credit card there is a non-refundable service fee at time of payment, based on the total cost of the payment. The amount of this service fee will depend on the credit card used and will be advised at time of payment. 

What about Travel Insurance?

For peace of mind, we suggest that you purchase insurance once you have received confirmation of your booking that covers you over the period until you return home.  

What if I have to change my booking before I travel?

Once your itinerary is confirmed, if you wish to amend it there are fees, there is a fee to cover the administration costs, as well as any cancellation and/or amendment fee imposed by the supplier of the component changed (accommodation, airline, or tour provider).

What if I have to cancel my booking before I depart?

Should something happen and you are unable to travel there are cancellation fees. See our terms and conditions for full details, and you check along with your insurance cover to see what fees you many incur. 

On your trip

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What do I do if something happens while I’m away?

The Adventure World Emergency Phone Number is available to help resolve time-sensitive concerns that will impact your trip, while you are travelling. In some cases, it may be more efficient to work with the provider directly where you are.  
Your Adventure World itinerary will list local contact information for the specific services providers involved.  In most cases these providers are better positioned to assist you in a timely manner and assist you in English. 


If you need to change your flight(s) booked directly with us after travel commences, please contact Adventure World or speak directly to the airline if you are already at the airport. Flight times are subject to change and should be verified with the airline prior to your travel date. Please ensure that you follow the airline guidelines for check in times (e.g. at least three hours before an international flight and two hours before domestic flights). 


If you have any concerns with your accommodation, please speak to the front desk and/or manager at the hotel.  If they are unable to resolve the issue, please contact your local supplier at the number listed on your itinerary or contact Adventure World during normal business hours. 


If you are delayed or need to amend your transfer, please contact the transfer company directly. Phone numbers can be found on your itinerary.


If the local supplier or airline is unable to assist you for any reason, please contact Adventure World.  
OUTSIDE OF NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS  +61 (0) 412 425 416 (emergencies only)


If you have a non-emergency concern, or would like to make changes to your itinerary, which can be addressed during normal business hours. Please contact our team of Destination Experts during office hours.


If you have booked an Adventure World trip through a Travel Agent and have a non-emergency concern or would like to make changes to your itinerary. Please contact your Travel Agent to liaise with the Adventure World team on your behalf. 

After your trip

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Can I provide feedback?

We welcome feedback from your trip, our Destination Experts have such an incredible passion for their areas and are interested in your experience. You can send us comments here and if you want to share any of your experiences on Facebook or Instagram please tag #awtravel #travelwithpurpose. 

How do I learn about new Adventure World travel experiences?

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