Northern Lights: Kristy

Whether it be in Scandinavia or Canada, the Aurora Borealis is surely Mother Nature’s greatest spectacle. It's a magical experience with dark skies overhead bursting into ethereal colours

Latin America: Ana

The vivacious dancers and floats of Rio’s Carnival seem to embody Brazil’s verve and swagger. At the other extreme, there are the unspoiled water worlds of the Amazon basin and the Pantanal.

Egypt: Neil

Pyramids rise above sun-baked sands and boats wend their way down the waters of the Nile. Traders hawk their wares in the dusty bazaars. In many ways Egypt seems timeless.

Africa: Nic

Nothing beats waking up to the sounds of distant lions roaring or the cackle of hyenas, knowing in a few short moments you will be heading out to witness nature’s dramatic spectacle for yourself.

Asia: Michelle

There are plenty of cultural highlights throughout Asia. You can customize your trip to include the must-see sights and unique experiences like a traditional tea ceremony!

Antarctica: Annette

Ice takes on a myriad of forms and shades and is rarely white. It’s the singularity of the polar landscapes that keeps drawing our team back to the Arctic and Antarctic.

India: Eric

Adventure World Travel is committed to responsible tourism and in partnership with Wildlife SOS, we are providing 3 years of funding for an elephant sanctuary in India for injured & abused elephants.

Latin America: Andy

One region of Latin America that should definitely be on your list is Patagonia. The scenery here is on an epic scale, with towering peaks and brilliant turquoise lakes.