Iceland is the perfect destination for those looking for the unexpected. The creativity and adventurous spirit of the people combine with rugged and beautiful scenery to create a unique country.


The remarkably mild climate on the west coast of Spitsbergen sustains a vibrant Arctic ecosystem with unique flora and bird life. Six national parks protect the fragile environment that is home to polar bears and reindeer.

Alaska Range

Here you can choose to spend a peaceful night in a rustic cabin amongst quiet tundra and tranquil lakes, canoe along the Maclaren River or trek over the tundra covered hills to sight grazing caribous.


An exciting destination, Greenland is the place to go dog sledding, watch the northern lights, spot whales, see the polar ice cap and icebergs, and meet a pioneering people who thrive in the extreme conditions.

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is a natural paradise with pristine beaches and exotic wildlife. It is surrounded by caves, sinkholes and underground rivers. The translucent water is perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.


In the Mexican state of Chiapas, verdant jungle parts to reveal ancient Mayan temples in Palenque, an archaeological wonderland and the most studied Mayan site.

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Official travel advice is available by visiting the SmartTraveller Website


See applicable country for information.


Please consult a medical practitioner or contact The Travel Doctor for your specific risk to these preventable diseases and the appropriate avoidance measures. Australians travelling through the Arctic should also ensure that they have adequate travel insurance to cover the length of their stay. For further information, please visit the Smartraveller website, www.smartraveller.gov.au


See applicable country for information.


See applicable country for information. Communications while on board expedition ships may be limited.


There aren't really any shopping options while cruising the Arctic. See specific country information in regards to when you are on land.


Although not part of customs in the Arctic, tipping is an expression of satisfaction. Tips are not required but are used to reward guides for a job well done.

Getting around

Cruising on expedition vessels are the best way to travel around the European Arctic. Travelling around the Arctic regions in Canada is best via a private journey, escorted trip or self-drive.


Staff on board the expedition vessels are multilingual.

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