Alaska Grizzly Encounter Kodiak to Katmai




Nature puts on few displays as arresting as Alaskan brown bears feeding on summer’s bounty. The Natural Habitat Ursus offers an exclusive opportunity to observe the bears as they fish, dig for clams and amble along the beach.

8 days

7 nights

These bears—the largest coastal grizzlies in the world—gorge on clams, mussels, sedges, and spawning salmon as the fish swim up the glacial-fed rivers that pour onto these wild beaches. Our private chartered small ship is ideally designed for our Alaska wilderness expedition, offering an exclusive opportunity to follow and photograph bears along the wild shoreline as they fish, forage and amble along the beach.


Ashore, we have an even closer vantage point as we watch safely on foot with our Expedition Leader, a naturalist bear expert who knows these magnificent animals intimately. The grizzlies could not be more nonchalant about our presence! Here in Katmai National Park, experience this rarest of encounters with Ursus arctos in all its untamed majesty.


This small group journey departs on selected dates from the end of June until late August.

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7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, 7 Dinners.


3 nights hotel, 4 nights small ship cruise accommodation.


As specified.


As specified.