Adventure World

Travel with Purpose

Our aim to
Make Travel Sustainable

At Adventure World we travel to some of the most precious parts of the world, experiencing stunning landscapes, wildlife, history, culture, and people. We know that tourism can have both an exceptionally positive and potentially negative impact on people, wildlife, and the planet. Our intention is to make travel sustainable for the long term.


Our objective is to reduce these negative impacts and increase the benefits of tourism by providing authentic, ethical, sustainable experiences that celebrate and conserve heritage and culture, creates socio-economic benefits for communities, protects wildlife and marine life and the natural environment.

Together we can
influence change

We have sought out product, partners and suppliers that are lessening their environmental impact, contributing to the well-being of local communities, and who are protecting wildlife. We have done this utilising our Travel with purpose charter.

Planet - Care for the environment

We aim to limit our impact on the environment in several ways. When on trips, we aim to preserve and protect delicate ecosystems, wildlife, and natural habitats by following strict rules that minimise the effects of our presence in an area.

People - Supporting the local economy

Where possible we want to ensure that local economies benefit from our business by using locally-owned accommodation, employing local people as specialist guides, working with local operators and suppliers, sourcing food from locally-owned stores, choosing experiences that preserves local traditions, is owned, or operated by local Indigenous people, empowers local women, and promotes Gender Equality. In doing so, we are not only investing in local communities but also offering our travellers a genuine insight into a country and its people.

WILDLIFE - Promote Marine and Animal welfare /

Many of our trips include opportunities to view local marine and wildlife in national parks or at dedicated conservation centres. Whilst these excursions can benefit both the animals and the local people who depend on them for a living, they need to adhere to strict animal welfare standards to ensure that the animals aren't exploited. We adhere to the World Animal Protection [WAP] policy and best practice operations guidelines.

Our Wildlife Policy

Follow through on the below link to find out more about some of our initiatives that embody our Travel with Purpose charter, including our Conservation Collection and commitment to Net Zero.

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Animals Asia

Animals Asia have been working since 1998 to provide life-long care for rescued bears at their award-winning sanctuaries, and towards ending the bear bile industry in Asia. The use compassion and respect for all animals to bring about lasting change. Since beginning their work they have saved more than 600 bears. We're proud to be partnered with Animals Asia.

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At TreadRight, their mission is clear; to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, to protect wildlife and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home. A not-for-profit organization created as a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s (TTC) family of brands, including Adventure World, The TreadRight Foundation has supported some 60-plus sustainable tourism projects worldwide.

How to be a
Responsible traveller

Our partner TreadRight have created a checklist on how to be a responsible traveller, from when you’re planning through to when you return. Follow the link below to find out more.

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