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We enable travellers to have a positive impact on the world. We’re bound together by the same belief, that conscientious travellers hold more power and influence than they realise and that together we can help preserve our planet. We exist to offer like-minded travellers opportunities to travel with purpose in order to experience and better our planet and inspire others to do the same. ​

Our Mission is to
travel with purpose

We celebrate and conserve culture, create socio-economic benefits for communities, protect wildlife and restore marine life all the while creating authentic opportunities for like-minded travellers to aid us in this mission. We do this by actively harnessing the positive power of travel.

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Travel Styles

We offer a range of ways to discover our world, though regardless of the travel style, all our trips allow you to experience the lifeblood of a destination. They go beyond the typical tourist facade, including, partaking in traditional events, sampling the region’s delicacies, meeting (and sometimes staying with) local people or tribal groups. Our Destination Experts can build a custom journey that suits you, suggest a small group journey, ocean or river expedition if you prefer to be accompanied by like-minded travellers.

Find your dream journey

Our Product Managers trial, then handpick a collection of extraordinary adventures and authentic accommodations, compiling them into a custom experience for each and every traveller with the help of our Destination experts. Our team travel regularly to their destination, bringing back a wealth of inspiring & accurate information to assist you with your own travel plans.


For over four decades Adventure World has been creating exceptional journeys across the globe, so you can rest assured that you're in experienced hands.

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