After decades or turmoil, Colombia has emerged as an idyllic land of myth and legend. Home to fascinating colonial cities, charming villages and a wealth of biodiversity, its many highlights include, the Andean cities of Bogota and Medellin, the rugged beauty of unspoiled beaches in the Pacific Coast, the eastern grassland savanna and unique ecosystem of Los Llanos, that stretches as far as the Orinoco river, the Caribbean Coast that combines some of the most picturesque beaches in the world with beautiful, romantic urban spaces and the ultimate cultural experience-Cartagena with its exceptional colonial walled city and fortress. 

More than 10% of Colombia is protected within 51 national parks and one in every 10 species of flora and fauna that is found on earth can be found in Colombia. 

Undoubtedly Colombia is one of the world’s up-and-coming nature destinations, and on this 13 day Wildlife Safari you will explore and uncover some of the most remote, pristine and biodiverse places the country has to offer.    

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The TreadRight Foundation is proud to endorse our inaugural Conservation Collection. These meticulously crafted itineraries are designed for curious travellers who share our passion for protecting people, wildlife and planet.

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What you will do

  • Stay in unique, hand-picked accommodations that are evocative of your destination.

  • Enjoy intimate daily activities in some of Colombia’s richest and most secluded wildlife regions.

  • Each day you will be led by experienced guides and trackers to make the most of your experience.

  • Enjoy locally-inspired cuisine, discover world-famous Colombian coffee.

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Why We Love It

Colombian style safari searching for the fascinating giant anteater and the elusive puma in Los Llanos.

Explore the habitat of one of the smallest primates-the Cotton Top Tamarin, led by the projects co-founder.

Horse riding with the Llanero-cowboy and learning their culture, characterized by centuries of traditions.

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Day by day Itinerary

Conservation Collection: Colombia

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Day 1


Bienvenidos a Colombia - Welcome to Colombia!

Upon your arrival in Bogota you will be greeted by your guide, who will brief you on your upcoming itinerary. You will have a private transfer from the airport to your hotel, located in the modern and exclusive La Cabrera neighborhood in the north of Bogotá, in one of the liveliest areas of the city.  Overnight at B.O.G hotel.

Inspired by the greatest treasures of Colombia, gold and emerald, the BOG was designed with an artistic and creative touch, evoking sensations to through colour and the ability to create experiences.

Day 2

Bogota – Yopal - Los Llanos

After breakfast, transfer by flight and road to Savanna Orinoquía Lodge. The lodge is situated in the heart of Los Llanos, a region of wetlands, savannahs, rivers, palm groves and gallery forests that attract and nourish an extensive array of wildlife. Settle in and enjoy the peaceful surroundings before lunch. The lodge uses local ingredients and traditional techniques and recipes to showcase the very best of Colombian cuisine.

After lunch, enjoy our first guided nature walk, exploring the plains in search of local fauna and attend a lecture on some of the wildlife conservation projects that help to protect this highly vulnerable ecosystem. (B)(L)(D)

Day 3

Los Llanos

The Anteater Project has been a pioneer in theconservation of these endangered mammals.  Anteaters only have one offspring per year and are therefore very sensitive to human interference and loss of natural habitat.  Set out early with an expert guide to track the giant anteater. You will learn about the habitat and fascinating behaviour of this striking and peculiar mammal, known locally as ant bear.


Upon return to the lodge, tuck into a hearty breakfast. After some time to relax, listen in on a lecture from the scientific director at the Cunaguaro Foundation, where we will learn about the Anteater Conservation Project.

In late afternoon, when the sun is low and wildlife more active, explore the heart of Los Llanos on horseback. Ride alongside a local llanero-cowboy across the endless plains, cross rivers and track wildlife. We will also be accompanied by an English-speaking naturalist guide who will point out key species including capybaras, anacondas, giant and lesser anteaters, howler monkeys, and if we are lucky, ocelots and pumas. If you are uncomfortable riding horseback there is the option for a 4x4 expedition.


Our day concludes with a traditional Parrando Llanero or bonfire dinner, with live music played by harp, guitar and maracas. (B)(L)(D)

Day 4

Los Llanos

ProCAT Colombia, through the Regional Feline Conservation program, seeks to protect pumas by conducting critical ecological research, communicating the puma’s role in ecosystems, and addressing the wide-ranging persecution facing the species. Today we join a local researcher from the Regional Feline Conservation strategy, that collaborates with the Panthera Foundation, on a mission to set-up camera traps to track pumas.

Enjoy the rest of the morning at leisure or join one of our guides on a nature walk, bird watching or even take part in a coffee tasting.

After lunch, embark on a Colombian-style safari alongside our expert guide and llanero-tracker, who will lead us to wildlife hotspots. Our safari concludes with an exhilarating adventure tracking the elusive puma. (B)(L)(D)


Day 5

Los Llanos - Medellin

This morning is dedicated to locating the primary bird species of the reserve, including hundreds of white, grey and scarlet-coloured herons and the emblematic scarlet ibis, known locally as Corocora.


This afternoon we'll embark on our final safari in a traditional Bongo (canoe). Explore the river and channels that surround the lodge, viewing wildlife while learning about the unique ecology of the Orinoquia rivers. Fly to Medellin. (B)(L)

Day 6

Medellin - Guatape - Medellin

Nicknamed the City of Eternal Spring for its climate, historically rich Medellin charms with its friendly locals, contrasting landscapes of the city along the valley floor and the jagged peaks of the Andes at its edges, and is one of the most innovative cities in the world.

Travel out of the city through the Eastern Highlands of Antioquia to visit Peñol Boulder, a monolith 656 feet high. Climb the staircase to the top to enjoy breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains and lakes. Explore the village of Guatape, a charming 19th-century town that is one of Colombia’s most photographed. Guatape is famous for the colorful fresco-like adornments called zocalos found on nearly every building in the town’s historic center. Enjoy a traditional lunch and a boat ride on Guatape Lake before returning to Medellin. (B)(L)

Day 7

Medellin - El Almejal Reserve

Transfer to the airport for your scheduled flight to Bahia Solano on the Pacific Coast. Nestled in Colombia’s Choco region, The Almejal Reserve is nourished by countless rivers and abundant rain. Each year olive ridley turtles crawl onto Choco’s beaches to nest. In the afternoon, we visit the Golfina Turtle Conservation Project which over the last sixteen years has protected over 1,000 nesting sites and enabled the release of 115,000 baby turtles. Return to the lodge where a delicious dinner will be awaiting. (B)(L)(D)

Day 8

El Almejal Reserve

Today we explore El Almejal, an 20 acre nature reservewe will learn about the reserve’s reforestation program and contribute by planting a native tree. This afternoon, we embark on a dugout canoe for an excursion on the tranquil Tundó River. Our expert guide will point out interesting flora known for their powerful medicinal properties. A short walk through the forest leads us to a waterfall where we can enjoy a refreshing swim before heading back. (B)(L)(D)

Day 9

Ensenada de Utria National Park

Ensenada de Utría National Park is one of the most biodiverse places on earth. The lush tropical environment creates a thriving habitat for the wildlife found here which includes, anteaters, Chocoan night monkey, blackhanded spider monkey and the endangered black howler, as well as Baird’s tapir, armadillo, Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, ocelot and jaguar. Around 270 species of birds may be observed in Utria National Natural Park.   

This morning we embark by boat to the Utría National Park. At the park’s Interpretation Centre we will hear from an expert biologist about the conservation projects developed in Utría, and how the local communities are actively involved. Explore the park’s unique natural environment and be amazed by emerald green coves filled with crystal-clear waters. Enjoy a farewell dinner while watching a traditional dance by the women’s group La Tejada. (B)(L)(D)


Day 10

El Almejal Reserve - Cartagena

Transfer to the airport for our scheduled flight to beautiful Cartagena. Upon arrival, we will be transferred to the Bantú Boutique Hotel, situated within the spectacular colonial walled-city. The rest of the day is at leisure. (B)


Day 11

Los Colorados Sanctuary

Los Colorados Wildlife Sanctuary is located about a two-hour drive southeast of Cartagena. Here in the nearly 2,575 acres that belong to the National Parks system of Colombia, visitors learn about the tropical dry forests of Montes de Maria.


The Sanctuary is named after Los Colorados hill due to the abundance of red howler monkeys and its one of the largest protected areas in northern Colombia, of the endangered Cotton-top tamarin.


The trails are designed to maximize the opportunities to see unique flora and fauna from the region and to meet a famous local resident, the cotton-top tamarin.We will then visit Proyecto Tití, a conservation project dedicated to protecting the endangered cotton-top tamarin. Enjoy lunch under the trees as the tamarins play around. (B)(L)

Day 12

Los Limites

We depart early for Los Límites near the Caribbean coast. After a roughly three mile hike to the field station, we will join a researcher from Proyecto Tití in tracking the cotton top tamarins under study where we will observe their behaviour and take photographs. Later, meet some local farmers and learn about regional crops and how eco-friendly agricultural practices are helping protect the forests that cotton-tops call home.

During lunch, meet United National Development Program artisans who create beautiful, hand-made tote bags crocheted from recycled plastic bags. Return to the hotel and freshen up before a tour of historic Cartagena. Begin at Fort of San Felipe de Barajas, a masterpiece of military architecture, it offers spectacular views of the old walled-city. Continue to the historic center, a maze of cobblestone streets and colorful houses and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the sun sets we walk to the beautiful Baluarte de Francisco Javier Restaurant which sits atop the old city walls and offers delicious Colombian-Caribbean style tapas and views over the city. (B)(L)(D)


Day 13


Our journey ends today with a transfer to the airport. If you would like to extend your journey, one of our destination specialists would be happy to help. (B)

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