What is sustainable travel:

and how we make it easy

01/02/2023 | Published 1 month ago

For some, travel is a way to see and connect with the world. To others, it can widen your perspective and help you to gain an understanding of the unknown, or simply to rediscover yourself. Regardless of what travel means to you, your holiday shouldn’t come at the cost of the environment, indigenous culture, wildlife, or the livelihood of local people. 


Travelling sustainably is about making choices that leave your destination in a better place than you found it. While it goes by many names, such as responsible travel, eco travel or green travel, whatever it’s labelled, sustainable travel at its core conserves natural biodiversity and respects local communities and their culture, while ensuring the long term socio-economic benefits to those communities. For those wishing to travel sustainably, choosing green accommodation, booking only conscious tourism experiences, and even how you get from A to B within your destination can make an impact. 

When we travel sustainably, we can continue exploring the beauty of our world, while still ensuring it is to the benefit of the destination and its people and wildlife for generations to come. It also allows you to experience a destination more authentically and return home knowing that your decisions helped benefit our planet.  


This is why we aim to travel with purpose. We help travellers explore some of the most precious parts of our planet to experience stunning landscapes, wildlife, heritage, culture, and immerse themselves in local communities. To do this, we seek out and rigorously road test products, partners and suppliers that are reducing their environmental impact, contributing to the well-being of local communities protecting wildlife and our most pristine places. We do the hard work for you and make the choice to travel sustainably simple. 

Sustainable travel is much like travel itself; planning is the first step. With our expert product team and destination experts, we can custom make a journey that not only suits your style of travel but includes conscious travel choices. 


Once you are out exploring our world, there are many other ways you can positively impact local communities in your destination. Why not eat at local restaurants and purchase locally made souvenirs at a fair price? Such an easy decision can have enormous benefits and not dampen your holiday experience. You can also honour local customs to allow yourself a more authentic experience, while respecting local culture. Our partner, the TreadRight Foundation has a full check list on how you can be a more responsible traveller that you can view here


When you travel with Adventure World, you can be assured that we take wildlife conservation seriously. We have proudly had an observational-only wildlife policy since 2014 and since then have helped to educate both our travellers and travel partners about more ethical wildlife experiences. We keep ourselves up to date not only with industry practices, but also advice from World Animal Protection, our partner since 2009.  

No matter where you travel, make sure that your journey is not just for your benefit, but also for the people, planet and wildlife you visit on your trip. You can help by making a positive change and choosing to travel with a company with sustainability at its core. Our destination experts make sustainable travel easy, so book and travel with purpose on your next journey. Request a Quote today.  

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