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Unique stays in Swedish Lapland: From rooms made of ice to ufos

Unique stays in Swedish Lapland: From rooms made of ice to ufos

Recently updated on May 16th, 2024 at 06:30 pm

The northernmost expanses of Sweden, Norway and Finland are natural wonderlands of snowy winters with dancing lights in the sky and long summer days and nights illuminated by the Midnight Sun.

A river running through a snow covered forest

Sweden’s Lapland covers a quarter of Sweden and the sheer size and varied terrain offers a diverse range of activities bound to excite any traveller. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking the thrill of dog sledding or the solitude of hiking; a foodie who wants a taste of the arctic; or wanting to learn more about the local Sami culture, Swedish Lapland is one for the bucket-list.

A woman walking a reindeer in the snow

Regardless of your travel style, Swedish Lapland is home to world-class accommodation that makes the most of the beautiful natural surroundings with plenty of unique Swedish touches. Here are some of our favourite picks from this stunning region:

1. The TreeHotel

If you’re after a truly unique stay, the TreeHotel is bound to be a winner. Each room has been carefully designed by a different Scandinavian architect with special themes such as the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest and the UFO, you’re bound to be inspired not just by your surroundings, but your accommodation as well.

2. The Icehotel

Not to be upstaged, the famous Icehotel is possibly already on your bucket-list if you’re after a true winter experience. The Icehotel Winter is the world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice that melts every spring. If you’re looking to visit during the warmer months, they have the Icehotel 365 that offers ice experiences year-round and allows you to sleep amongst ice art.

3. Arctic Bath

Combining old timber tradition and modern Scandinavian design, Arctic Bath offers a luxury wellness program, nature activities and an exquisite restaurant offering sustainable, local fare. Arctic Bath offers a unique Swedish experience with their famous ‘coldbaths’, which are a longstanding tradition in the region. Typically taken together with a warm sauna, it is said the coldbaths help ease sore and aching muscles alongside other benefits.

4. Copperhill Mountain Lodge

If you’re looking for something more traditional, where you have both your feet on the ground and the ice stays outside, Copperhill Mountain Lodge might be a good fit for you. Combining a love of locally produced food, spectacular design and outdoor magnificence, Copperhill offers Swedish luxury atop Förberget Mountain.

Whether you’d prefer to explore the wonders of Swedish Lapland in summer or winter, all of these spectacular accommodation options will prove a great base for you. Interested in discovering Swedish Lapland for yourself? Check out our Scandinavia Tailor-Made collection here. Alternatively, enquire now, call 1300 295 049 or see your travel agent to custom make your own tailor-made itinerary.

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